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AE WEBINAR: The Current State of Traditional, Design Build, and Tri-Party Agreements - During this one-hour webinar, attendees will be exposed to the following objectives: • Participants will learn how the various contract delivery methods impact the standard of care for design professionals. • Participants will learn important contract liability terms for each of the three contract delivery methods. • Participants should be able to recognize the different assumptions of risk on a construction project for the different delivery methods. • Participants will learn the various standard form agreements in use in the industry for design-build, traditional design bid build, and tri-party agreements
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RECORDED WEBINAR: Project Restarts: Opportunities, Risks and Strategies for Restarting a Suspended Project - If you missed the recent online webinar presentation: Project Restarts: Opportunities, Risks and Strategies for Restarting a Suspended Project you are in luck! David Ericksen, Executive Committee/Construction Practice Group Leader for the Construction Law Division of Severson & Werson led participants through ways to navigate through the problematic issues that occur when a project is suspended or restarted after a period of suspension. During this one-hour webinar, attendees will be exposed to the following objectives: • Understand the Frequency & Dynamics of Project Suspensions and Restarts • Identify the Core Concerns for Any Design Professional on Any Project Restart • Distinguish the Three Common Roles for Design Professionals in Project Restarts • Develop the Strategies & Tools to Manage Risk & Succeed in a Project Restart
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A & Business: The Journal of The Architectural Engineering Management Association - AEMA is a national association of management personnel working for architectural, engineering and interior design firms in the United States and Canada. Their Architectural & Engineering Business magazine provides timely information on a wide variety of design firm management topics. AEMA publishes a newsletter three times per year, January, May and September.
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Vandeberg Johnson & Gandara, LLP
David Eckberg

David is an attorney with Vandeberg, Johnson & Gandara, LLP in Seattle, WA, where his practice includes the representation of architects, engineers and other design professionals in the construction and real estate industry. David has particular expertise advising clients on complex contractual arrangements, work-outs, mergers, acquisitions and other transactional arrangements, in addition to loss prevention and risk management. He has published and spoken at numerous forums involving owners, architects, engineers, contractors, insurance agents, and risk managers.
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The Current State of Traditional, Design Build, and Tri-Pary Agreements - by David Eckberg, Vandeberg, Johnson & Gandara, LLP

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2014 Webinar Calendar - by Hall & Company,

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Notice of Cancellation Advisory for Design Consulting Firms - by Hall & Company,

All design consulting firms have clients that are demanding when it comes to contract revisions and requests for special endorsements. As brokers working exclusively in the A/E industry for more than 25 years, rarely is there a request that we have not seen before and are prepared to satisfy on the spot.
However, our experience also gives us an edge to alert our clients of which requests might not be in their best interest, or even are beyond your ability to comply with. Many people may not realize this, but the oft-requested 30-day Notice of Cancellation is one such endorsement.
Policy cancellation is governed and protected by state law and as such, no guarantees can be made regarding the timing of cancellation notification to additional insureds.
We have created the attached advisory to help you navigate this complicated subject and educate your clients about the limitations imposed by state law regarding Notice of Cancellation.

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What Design Professional Should Understand When Faced With a Claim Situation - by Ashley Hurd, Hall & Company

Design professionals time and again find themselves faced with the situation of whether or not to report something to their professional liability carrier. Certainly, there is an abundance of risk management webinars, programs and articles, all discussing what steps to take for preventing a claim or incident from taking place, but this question being addressed here is what steps design professionals should take if they are challenged with a situation in which they’re certain a claim will come to fruition.
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Understanding the Reservation of Rights Letter - by Ashley Hurd, Hall & Company

You receive your mail and discover a letter from your professional liability insurance company. As you are about to file away the letter, you notice that the insurance company is advising you that there are allegations regarding a recently submitted claim that may potentially cause coverage problems. Your immediate concern is does this means you have no coverage for the claim.
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