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A Wet Christmas

This card was our way of sending a little local flavor out to our clients all across the United States.


Hall & Company is located in the small town of Poulsbo, Washington, just across Puget Sound from Seattle. Given our region’s well-earned reputation for rainfall and the corresponding rarity of white Christmases, what could be more appropriate than a depiction of a wet Christmas?

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The inside of the card resembled the previous year’s, but with a wistful and appropos greeting:


How we made it

2003bts01Nothing says “holiday spirit” like a bunch of people standing in the rain, right?

Right. It was this bland photo (at right) that our 2003 Christmas card was built upon. Quite appropriately, it was raining hard that November day we had scheduled photography out in front of Hall & Company HQ. It was blustery as well, and raindrops kept blowing onto the camera lens while graphic designer John Redhed was trying to take pictures. Eleven of us employees were forcing ourselves to smile even though we were cold and damp, while the other six were inside waiting their turn.

When John finally told us he had gotten the shot, we stampeded back inside to thaw our limbs, while the other six pulled on their coats and boots and trudged out to get individual photos taken.


2003bts02Again the poses told a baffling and bizarre story, and again we trusted that John knew what he was doing. We could see our neighbors stare out their windows, no doubt wondering which mental condition had caused the company president to lay on his back in the rain with a rubber ducky on his chest. Perhaps the same condition that led the woman to wear a mask and snorkel under her umbrella?


Just like the previous year, John worked his magic with Photoshop and turned a few innocuous photos into something special. He added the water and reflections, changed the colors of the umbrellas, and even created the “Happy Holidays” banner that hung on the building.

In early December, just as we were stuffing the finished cards into envelopes, we received a few anxious phone calls from clients asking if we had sent out our Christmas cards yet. They were worried they had been removed from our mailing list! It was only then that we realized just how popular the previous year’s card had been.