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A Tree in the Snow

In pointed contrast to the previous year’s card, in 2004 we decided to create a scene that looked a little more Christmas-y.


And what’s more Christmas-y than a Christmas tree?

(Move your mouse over the picture to magnify.)


On the inside of the card, we added an appropriately corny greeting:


How we made it

2004bts01Production of this card was simpler than the previous two years. We began with the photo at right, taken from the second-floor balcony of Hall & Company HQ.

One of our employees was out of town the day we shot this, so we left an open space for her (fourth row from the top, in the middle). Card designer John Redhed took her picture the following week and added her into the scene using Photoshop.

As you can see, we didn’t actually wear green-and-brown clothing (gasp!). John carefully re-colored everything except our faces and the decorations.


2004bts02For a picture of snow, John had been planning a day trip to the nearby Olympic mountains. But concerned that he wouldn’t be able to get a usable shot (lighting, angle, etc.), he instead decided to use this stock photo of snow-angels.

After removing the tree, he placed the employee photo on top of the snow, then moved or added footprints as necessary. He also painted some snow onto shoes, added starbursts to the Christmas lights, and replaced the small star in Mike Hall’s hands with a much larger star, adjusting his arms to fit.